Dear Ms. Ambassador Bell!

I am happy to see your video asking us Facebook Fans to suggest you places and things to try in our beautiful country. It is great idea! You saying to Mr. Obama the “no ambassador had ever had the oppurtunity to see” sounds like Hollywood film! Wow!

I must first say I loved you as ambassador from moment you were nominated! I was so angry at senator John McCain hating you, but then I laugh when I find out he is crazy old mental problem man thinking Hungary has neofascistic dictator.

I always read about “strawberry blond” expression in American books and neswpapers and I never really understand meaning, but I am sure now you are the strawberry blond! Not like Andre Goodfriend, who was jew. This is not problem in Hungary, because in Hungary no antisemitism. But I hate him because he liked slam poetry. Do you like slam poetry? Of course you not!

So here my suggestions for you about places you must try in Hungary and also some things! I think they are all funny, serious, intriguing and inspiring, like you ask. Good luck!

Beginning kick in Felcsút stadion

This costs 50 000 forints for a Hungarian, so be careful not to pay more, because in Hungary it is tradition to treat tourist like shit and ask for more. Don’t pay more!!!! The building is typical of Hungarian architecture, and the village around is beautiful.

Nobu Budapest

This is place for rich & famous to meet, you will feel like in California! Absolutely no poor here! Food is not typical Hungarian, but it shows you Budapest is cosmopolitan city of Europe.

4-es 6-os Wesselényi utca

This like Hungarian McDonald’s, many of it in Budapest inner city, but I think this is best and sure no ambassador here! Friday night is best time for visit, and typical Hungarian drink “vodka szóda” only 1 american dollar!


Absolute horror! Full of poor gypsies. They live terrible life. Sad, but don’t cry! You must visit and put pictures on Facebook, it is important for leftist Hungarians who love the jew Goodfriend and miss him.

Széll Kálmán tér

It is central square in Budapest where you can now see how Hungarian men work hard to make country beautiful. Maybe ambassador visit before, but it different name and less hard work, and it is now intriguing and inspiring.


It is Hungarian Texas in south. Mayor was nazi, but now only mayor. Millions of inmigrant come from European Mexico and also Afghanistan, looking for rich life in Hungary. Maybe we build wall? Visit and have opinion!


Totally off beaten track like you want in video! Here you can see big gas container. Very big container! It is great monument to Hungarian business and also friendship with Russia. Before visit you learn word “rezsicsökkentés” and people love you. It is favourite Hungarian hobby.


A feeling you must try, it is very Hungarian. Please check no ambassador try before, I have no statistics information. We also good at suicide, but you must not try :-)

CBA meat food

Hungarian Walmart, it is where people shop every day (also sundays). Cheap and good quality, best is turkey ham. Ambassadors eat turkey before but not like this.

I hope this helps you!

Best regards,
Márton Bede 

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