444 is launching a weekly English language newsletter

2019 február 19., 15:25

Hungary has become a topic of intense discussion internationally. The Hungarian government has dedicated immense resources toward promulgating its own narrative of what’s happening within its borders.

International journalists have done a fantastic job producing thorough reports about Hungary, but it’s often the groundwork laid by local journalists that paves the way for developing stories. With that in mind, our goal is to combine the best of these two elements.

We want to help our readers easily understand the news through quick, to-the-point reporting from ground zero. Our team of reporters have decades of experience navigating the intricacies of Hungarian public affairs. And now we want to share this experience with an English-language audience.

That is why Ben Novak, a regular contributor to the New York Times and former senior correspondent of The Budapest Beacon, is teaming up with 444’s award-winning staff to launch InsightHungary.

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Our weekly news summaries, analysis and breaking newsletters drive straight to the point of stories, delivering concise coverage of the people and issues shaping current events in Hungary. Paid subscribers will receive at least two newsletters to their inbox each week.

With your subscription to InsightHungary, you’re not only getting access to a great newsletter, you’re tapping into the expertise of one of Hungary’s last independent editorial staffs.