Why Is Hungary So Poor?

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Which it certainly is. GDP per capita is about $19,000 in Hungary, compared to $41,000 in neighbouring Austria or $51,000 in the United States, based on 2012 IMF figures. So, you might ask at this point,

why is Hungary so poor?

The editorial staff here at the 444.hu Budapest office has decided to answer your questions in a single article. Share it on Facebook, e-mail it to your friends, tweet it around, and the world will never have to ask again.

Top 6 Reasons Why Hungary Is So Poor


The regime change has not taken place, nothing has replaced communist structures; extremely high taxes, widespread corruption, defective educational system. And all elections are decided by the overwhelming majority of elderly people who grew up in a dictatorship.

(Márk Herczeg)


Hungarians are unproductive and lazy.

(Tamás Botos)


Because of the thieving capitalist turned communists. Wait, no. It's because of the 40 years of communism. The invading Soviets. The invading Germans. The protofascist, pseudo-feudalist rule of Horthy. The Treaty of Trianon. The communist rebellion of 1919. The republican rebellion of 1918. The first World War. The Hapsburg oppression. The Russian intervention to quell the revolution of 1848. The enlighted absolutism of Joseph II. The treacherous labancs. The tenacious kurucs. 150 years of Turks. Feudal in-fights. The Mongol invasion of 1241. Don, Isonzo, Világos, Mohács, Muhi. The loss at Augsburg. Or, possibly, because we are some seriously whining bitches.

(András Király)


Because of the Trianon treaty. A healthy, historical division of labor was replaced by a crippled torso. Also because of a populist economic policy. After the 1956 revolution, János Kádár tried to calm down people with welfare based on foreign debts. Hungarians got used to this, and the country has been stricken by it ever since. And because only 55.8% of the Hungarian population is employed.

(Péter Magyari)


Hungary’s poverty is mainly a side effect of the malicious spell known as the curse of Turan. It was cast upon the Carpathian basin when Saint Stephen betrayed the proto-Hungarian culture by conversing to christianity, thus damaging the collective mind of the nation so bad, that since then, no real Magyar has been able to make a real fortune. This theory has been proved to be true by Bela Pokol, one of the greatest scientists ever born to the Magyar land. He has since then taken his well-deserved place as a member of the Consitutional Court of Hungary.

(Zsolt Kerner)



(Gábor Vajda)

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