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This is how Hungary became a key player in the new Cold War

2018 március 25., 13:48
  • This is the launch our new video series on Russian influence in Hungary.
  • In the first episode, we examine how after its passive years following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia began to re-expand its sphere of influence.
  • And how Russian President Vladimir Putin became the most important international ally of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.
  • Hit the CC button in the YouTube video player to read the English language captions.
  • By: Ásmány Zoltán, Botos Tamás, Budai Balázs, Erdélyi Péter, Halász Júlia, Kiss Bence, Kiss Vera, Kovács Patrícia, Kőrösi Máté, Magyari Péter, Mészáros Zsófia, Benjamin Novák, Rényi Pál Dániel, Tamás Bence Gáspár, Terner Péter
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