Exclusive: Hungarian Man with LGBT Pride Flag Forced to Run Away from Ruthless Police Force – VIDEO

2020 augusztus 17., 16:55
photo_camera Man (middle) identified as Elod Novak running to save his life past a Lada 1200 with a gay pride flag Fotó: Internet

Images of a man running away from police officers with an LGBT pride flag (better known as the rainbow flag) in his hand flooded the Internet in Hungary.

The original video was recorded on Sunday night, during the first days of the 25th Budapest Pride Festival in downtown Budapest, the capital of the Eastern European country, in front of the city hall.

It is reported that the man, who got scared of the brutal show of force, is Elod Novak, the vice president of the party called Mi Hazánk Mozgalom (Our Homeland Movement). Novak is forced to run for his life, even though nobody is chasing him past a white Lada 1200.

There are speculations, that Novak was forced to flee immediately and leave his ladder behind, as fear in Hungary grows day by day, since the supreme leader of the country, Viktor Orban is silent in the middle of the political crisis of his dictator friend, Alexander Lukashenko, president of Belarus.

When Novak went back for his ladder, he got arrested, but later that night he was set free.

The U.S. Embassy in Hungary said in a statement, that they are „deeply concerned” about the incident.

Novak is known for his fearless activism and frequent encounters with the law enforcement agencies of the oppressive regime. During the last 15 years he has voiced concerns many times over racial and sexual inequality and on gender issues as well.

Hungarian news portal, 444.hu also noted, that after 10 long years of Orban's authoritarian regime, this is not the first scandal in the Hungarian LGBT community.

A long-time really close friend of Novak, Gyorgy Budahazy, who is a regular participant of pro-LGBT events in Budapest saw similar backlash by the police in 2015, when he and his crew were denied entry to the Budapest Pride rally.

In 2014 fellow-minded Mihaly Zoltan Orosz, who was at the time the mayor of Erpatak, was also not allowed to hop on the „gay truck”.

Some Facebook users also noted, that the image of Elod Novak running away from the police to secure the rainbow flag is remarkably similar to Ferenc Koszeg's iconic picture showing the member of the democratic underground chased by the communist secret police in 1982.

photo_camera Fotó: Demszky Gábor/koszegferenc.hu

Disclaimer: this article mocks the far-right party Mi Hazánk, which is attacking non-heterosexuals so much, that one could already call it suspicious.